Friday, January 1, 2010

New Years

One might ask themselves, what would a cook cook for themselves? Well, after a thirteen hour of New Years Eve service mayham, and willingness to guzzle down as much as possible to make up for missing most of the New Years partying, the answer is NOT MUCH. Truth be told I have a tinge of a hangover, the dreaded chemical induced dehydration, with a slight dose of withdrawl. There are two things one craves with this condition: Fat, and Carbs. One might suggest to themselves a monolothic hamburger, accompained by a gravy and cheese drenched poutine. This would be preferrable, however it is New Years and everything is closed. So alas, we are to venture to the fridge.

This trip was an absolute success. I had a slab of bacon, potatoes, onion, and duck confit (you do keep duck confit laying around in the back of your fridge dont you?). How any of these magical things cannot combine to create a sublime hangover cure is beyond me. Firstly, heat up you cast iron skillet. Dont have one? OK.

Before you rush out to your nearest overpriced "made for rich housewives" kitchen supply stores *cough take a second and think. People used to use cast iron all the time before the invention of Teflon, however Grandma got sick of lugging it around, bought into the newest easiest fad and.... thats right... check Grandmas. Grandma dosent have one? well I am sure someones Grandma died recently... get it yet? Thats right, secondhand and antique stores! You should be able to amass a small collection for less then $15.00. Whats that? Its rusted? No problem.

Traditionally, you can use a handful of salt, and a little oil, and scrub like Automysophobic. For more serious cases just grab some steel wool, and finish with salt. After that you must season them. The proper way is to heat up the pan over flame untill it is white hot, then fill it up with salt, and burn off the salt. This way takes time, and can be dangerous, but it is the proper method. Alternativly, you could rub it in oil (prefrebbly one with a high smoke point,) throw it in a 350 degree oven for a few hours, let them cool, and you should be good. Try to cook high fatty foods at first to break it in a bit.

Alright, cast iron is heated up with a little oil in it. Heres the big secret, throw in the potatoes, confit, bacon, and onions. Toss it in the oven at about 350, and in about a half hour to forty-five minutes you should be rewarded with the tastiest, fattiest potatoes you ever shoved in your mouth. Hangover, averted.

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