Monday, January 4, 2010

Pig Trotters - Day Two

I awoke this morning, and after my coffee unraveled this beautiful log of pork foot. These things are packed full of gelatin, and when they are formed and cool down assume a terrine/pate like consistency. The hard part is finished.  If you want to make this according to Bouchon now would be a great time to make the Gibriche. Done?

Alright cut the log into nice think pieces, and season each side. Grab two bowls, fill one with flour, and one with bread crumbs (panko is preferable, I couldn't find any). Dip each end into the flour, then spread a thin layer of Dijon on each side. Dip each side in bread crumbs. Preheat the oven to 400 degrees F. Take a non stick skillet, heat up some oil and brown one of the sides. Place in the oven for four minutes, flip, and another four minutes. Watch this thing, the only thing holding this together is the gelatin and if it gets too cooked its going to fall apart. You are trying to crisp and brown the ends with the bread crumbs, and warm the rest. Its all done, finally. Plate with Gibrice and Mache. I couldnt find mache so I went with just Gibriche. Bon Appetite.

*note: Im working on a way to improve on this recipe. The taste is extraordinary, however relying on the natural gelatin just dosent work for me. Possible ways to combat this would be to add: egg into the mixture as a binder, dip in egg before bread crumbs to coagulate the outside, wrap in bacon and cook in a ring mold, or surround the log in caul fat. Ill try a few maybe later this week and let you know how it worked out.