Monday, August 8, 2011


Simple, elegant, and a taste of summer. Kinda. Bruschetta is actually what we in North America would call garlic bread. Nothing more than grilled bread drizzled with olive oil and rubbed with garlic. Realistically you can add any concoction on top of this and it would still technically be a bruschetta. However for the sake of simplicity well stick with our normal conception of the dish involving tomato, basil, and garlic. I picked all these ingredients up at the local market, and would suggest you do the same. Its also good to note that the ‘sh’ in Italian makes a K sound, and not the commonly mispronounced “shhh” sound. 

Slice of bread
Olive Oil
4-6 Basil leaves
Clove of Garlic
Salt and Pepper

I use a cast iron grill to do mine, however a bbq, or even a toaster will do the job. The Italians have a specific grill they use known as a brustolina. However you choose to do it, toast, grill, or roast your bread and rub with a clove of garlic. Take that clove and mince it very finely.  Dice your tomato into quarter inch pieces, and chiffonade your basil. Throw is all in a bowl together with a good pinch of salt, black pepper, and a drizzle of oil. It is nice to let it sit for awhile so the flavours can marinade together. Simply top your bread with this deliciousness and enjoy your snack.


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