Sunday, August 21, 2011

The Luther

Ok, I am afraid to eat this. It is the first time I have said that in years. Ive eaten chicken feet, squid tentacles, raw organs, but this.... a burger sandwiched between a honey glazed donut has taken my to my level. There is a possibility lurking out there that maybe after too many pints of joy juice I would step up to the plate, and then on to the stretcher. This was made at Big Als Snack Shack in Woodstock, Ont. It is the only place I can think of in this town where not only can you get a decent burger, but if you wish to... they have burgers that will challenge even the most darling of eaters. It brings me back to times at Dangerous Dan's in Toronto. A scuzzy hole in the wall, renown for its delicious albeit artery clogging fare. Its like, a dingy punk bar with the lights turned on with local brew and tasty food.